Health charter at Camping Le Fief Angibaud.


Dear Customers

Following the easing of lockdown we would like to welcome you back and introduce our health charter where our aim is to ensure the health and safety of our customers against the coronavirus (Covid-19)

We have taken several measures but other restrictions may be imposed by the French government at a later date.

1. Impose barriers on our customers to respect social distancing.

2. Wearing of masks when entering reception.

3. Reception will be for checking in, checking out and emergencies only.

4. No more than two customers from each party in reception at one time.

5. To not personally show customers to their pitch this year. Instead we will hand out a plan and give directions accordingly.

6. We apologize for the inconvenience but there will be no tourist and routine advice. Maps and information can be found on our information board in the shower block.

7. Set up markings on the ground and signage to maintain safety distances between customers.

8. Promotion of contactless and remote payments, as far as possible.

9. Increased hygiene ensured at all frequent contact points.

10. The shower block will be closed to customers when cleaning.

11. Guests to stagger shower times where possible to minimize the number of people in the shower block at one time.

12. Gatherings of up to ten people allowed on the camp fields and barbecue area only.



22nd May 2021 – 30th September 2021